1. Administration

    See what the administration part of the local government takes care of with regards to the City of Becker.

  2. Community Center

    The Becker Community Center offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for the whole family, as well as meeting rooms and child care.

  3. Community Development

    The Community Development Department promotes the development of Becker, including implementing and pursuing the goals within the City's Comprehensive Plan and enforcing the City's zoning and subdivision ordinances.

  4. Finance

    Finance Department serves as a connecting point to all departments and employees of the City of Becker with regards to money and accounts transactions.

  5. Fire Department

    Find out more about the Fire Department of Becker.

  6. Parks & Recreation

    Check out recreational opportunities, maps, and park regulations in the City of Becker.

  7. Pebble Creek Golf Club

    Pebble Creek Golf Club and the Gold Advisory Board play an important role in the City of Becker.

  8. Police Department

    The Police Department exists to enforce laws and rules to enhance the public safety of our community.

  9. Public Works

    This department handles composting, turf maintenance, street, and water/wastewater operations.