Public Works Department

City of Becker



Due to the drought like conditions and the increased use of irrigation systems in our community, our wells are at dangerously low levels. We are asking residents to comply with our lawn watering ordinance.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL CONTINUE THROUGH THE END OF THE WATERING SEASON, AS OPPOSED TO LABOR DAY AS SPECIFIED IN CITY CODE!

Only water on your assigned odd or even days!! 

NO watering from 10AM-6PM

Failure to comply with the watering ordinance will result in fines.

The City needs your help to avoid a water ban.

The City of Becker appreciates your cooperation.  We need to work together to preserve our water supply and keep our community safe!

For questions, please contact Chris Lisson, or the Water Department,

Sherburne County SSTS Low-Interest Loan for Septic

“Please be aware that there may be options the County can provide to assist in funding the replacement or upgrade of your septic system. Information is available at: or please call Jillian Carlson at 763-765-4460 or email at”


In the event of a Public Works or Water/Wastewaster Emergency, please call the
on-call Worker
at 320-250-4526!


emergency situation





The mission of the Water/Wastewater Department is to provide the Citizens of Becker with clean, safe drinking water while effectively treating the domestic and industrial wastewater generated each day.  Utilizing safe and cost-effective treatment methods, the Water/Wastewater staff protect the Public Health and our precious water resources.  

Streets and Parks
The mission of the Streets Department is to safely, efficiently and cost effectively maintain the streets, parks, and trails within the City of Becker.  In addition, the Streets Division assists other departments in the City with building and property maintenance as needed. 


he Public Works Department consists of our Streets and Water / Wastewater Departments.

The Street Division maintains City streets, cul-de-sacs and parking lots. This includes snow plowing, ice control, crack filling, sealcoating, street sweeping, gravel road maintenance, and right of way maintenance. Since Street activities are seasonally-based, weather and equipment availability play a large role in project timelines.
The Water Plant treats, tests and supplies water to all City of Becker residents. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for operation and maintenance of the city sewer system.

Public Works Addresses & Phone Contact

Streets Department
11956 Gardner Street SE
Becker, MN 55308
Ph: 763-200-4275
Water / Waste Water Department
14398 Central Ave SE
Becker, MN 55308
Ph: 763-200-4259