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The City of Becker WWTF was awarded a Certificate of Commendation from the MPCA. The City has received sixteen of these wastewater commendations since 1977. Nine of these have been received over the last 12 years. This success, particularly in the most recent years, is a direct result from facility investment, excellent Council/Administration support, great departmental staffing and a good working relationship with Liberty Paper Inc.                                                                                                                                                                             

Requirements for the MPCA Operational Award 

  • The facility must have had zero effluent violations in a 12 month period.
  • No late or incomplete reports:  These reports include:

Monthly Discharge Monitoring Reports, Annual Chronic Toxicity Testing reports, Annual Priority Pollutant testing reports, Industrial Bio solids, Annual report, Domestic Bio solids Annual Report, Annual Industrial Pretreatment Report.

  • No missed samples: This includes daily, monthly, and annual sampling of all waste streams and the combined effluent.
  • No releases of untreated or partially treated wastewater from the collection system or treatment facilities. This means that wastewater facilities, collection system and lift stations must all be kept in good condition.
  • Facility operations are conducted by appropriately MPCA certified operators
  • No other violations of any other water quality permit, rule or statutory requirement.                                                  
Area business, Liberty Paper, Inc. (LPI) and Becker WWTF were recently recognized for their combined efforts to reduce environmental impacts relating to industrial wastewater. Click here to see the MPCA's recognition of LPI.


If you will be moving to or from Becker, to open or close your account, please email the following details, including a subject line of MOVING, or call 763-200-4239.


  • If you will be moving to Becker please provide the following information: service address, name(s) for the account, indicate if you are renting or purchasing, contact phone number, date of closing if purchasing or date of move in for a rental. (New accounts are charged a one time $25.00 charge on the first bill to set up the account. City of Becker bills monthly, bills are mailed around the 5th of every month and are due around the 25th of every month.  


  • If you will be moving from Becker please provide the following information: service address, name(s) on the account, indicate whether you are the owner or a renter, forwarding address for a final water bill, contact phone number, date of closing if selling or date of move out for rental. (A final meter read will be completed on the date of closing or move out as indicated.  The final bill will be sent to your forwarding address approximately two weeks following the final meter read.)

Summer Watering Regulations

  • If your address ends in an even number, you are allowed to water on the even days of the month.
  • If your address ends in an odd number, you are allowed to water on the odd days of the month.

Water Conservation Tips

For more information on conserving water, view our Water Conservation (PDF) document.

Making Payments

Visit the Payment Service Network website to pay your water/sewer bill.  To see water/sewer rates please check here.

Informational Documents

Check out the DRONE FOOTAGE of the 2016 Waste Water Treatment Facility Upgrade!

                 Requirements for the MPCA Operational Award

  1. Chris Lisson

    Public Works and Parks Assistant Director
    Phone: 763-200-4259

  2. Jeremy Halvorson

    Water Supply
    Phone: 763-200-4258

  3. Michael Barringer

    Water Supply
    Phone: 763-200-4258

  4. Robert Rierson

    Water / Wastewater Operator / Mechanic
    Phone: 763-200-4249

  5. Gerald Lanz

    Water / Wastewater Operator
    Phone: 763-261-5855

  6. Chris Kroll

    Water / Wastewater Operator
    Phone: 763-261-5855

  7. Water / Wastewater Department

    Physical Address
    14398 Central Ave SE
    Becker, MN 55308

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 250
    Becker, MN 55308

    Phone: 763-200-4276
    Fax: 763-262-5865