COVID 19 Resources

The 2020 Coronavirus/COVID 19 outbreak is having an unprecedented effect on our lives. Staff is on calls daily with the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development. We hope to provide the best and most up-to-date information possible for our local business to ensure long-term success. 

Governor Walz issued a "Stay at home" order which takes effect on 3/27/2020 at 11:59 PM to 4/10/2020 at 5 p.m. 

Unsure if you are listed as a "critical" business? Visit the DEED website for the full list of business industries. 

The following information is from DEED:

Executive Order 20-20 provides an exemption for workers who (1) work in Critical Sector and (2) cannot perform their work duties from home. Below are steps to determine whether an employee qualifies for this Critical Sector worker exemption:

First, please refer to the federal guidance from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). If an employee fits into any of the CISA Guidance’s critical infrastructure workforce categories, then they qualify for a Critical Sector worker exemption.

Second, if an employee does not fall into one of categories listed in CISA Guidance, please carefully review the Governor’s Executive Order 20-20 for further guidance and additional categories of Critical Sector exempt workers.

Third, you can also determine eligibility for at Critical Sector worker exemption by searching by your 4-digit NAICS industry code. If an industry description is marked as YES in the Critical Industry column, then a worker in that industry qualifies for a Critical Sector worker exemption.

If an employee qualifies for a Critical Worker exemption based on the CISA Guidance, Executive Order 20-20, or the NAICS industry code list, and they cannot work from home, then they can leave home to work. Please note that Executive Order 20-20 requires all employees who can work from home to do so, even if they are eligible for a Critical Sector worker exemption. If an employee does not fit into any of the Critical Sector worker categories, then they must remain at home as directed in Executive Order 20-20.

If you still have questions about whether your business's workers are eligible for the Critical Sector work exemption after utilizing the resources above, please fill out this form, and we will work with agency subject matter experts to review and respond as quickly as possible with a determination.

Resource Links:

  • The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation (GSDC) has been tracking relevant business resource information on their website: Information includes Executive Orders and recent news releases regarding financial programs that are available for effected businesses including the following:
  • The Minnesota Department of Revenue has altered deadlines for business and individual tax filings. Visit their website for the full list of changes. 
  • Sherburne County is asking for business input to ensure any local efforts are focused in areas that will have the most impact. Please fill out the survey to provide insight on how the County and area communities can best serve you. 
  • Unemployment Benefits:
    • The most efficient way to sign up for benefits is by visiting and completing the self-service form. 
    • Find answers to your questions without calling. Start by clicking on the word “Applicants” in the upper left corner of the Unemployment Insurance website – and select from the menu options: What do I need to know? How do I apply? How do I get paid? What affects my benefits? These are designed to answer the questions most people have. 
    • If you call, you may have a long wait. The state is trying to free up those lines to help people who do not have any online access and to help those who need translators in order to apply for benefits.
  • MN Department of Labor and Industry:
    • The Department has suspended license examinations. 
    • The Department has been able to keep up with renewing licensing but are providing a 90-day extension for CEU’s.
    • The Department is asking that businesses who have an inventory of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), to please identify yourselves as there is a major shortage of equipment for medical workers.
  • Governor Walz "Stay at Home" Executive Order - Click here to read full order
Have a question and are unsure of where to look? Have an idea for local impact? Please reach out to Marie Pflipsen, Community Development Director by email at or by phone at 763-200-4246.