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The City of Becker's Street Division maintains City streets, cul-de-sacs and parking lots. This includes snow plowing, ice control, crack filling, sealcoating, street sweeping, gravel road maintenance, and right of way maintenance. Since Street activities are seasonally-based, weather and equipment availability play a large role in project timelines. 

Please view the sub pages to obtain further information surrounding all areas within the City of Becker's Street Department.


With the upcoming winter weather season fast approaching, the PublicWorks Department would like to remind you of a few important items!


City Ord7.06. Subd 5:  It is a misdemeanor forany person, not acting under a specific contract with the City or withoutspecial permission from the City Administrator, to remove snow or ice fromprivate property and place the same in any public roadway or sidewalk.  


City Ord 9.03 Subd 4: No vehicle shall park on any street or roadway between the hours of 12:01AM and 8:00 AM from November 1st through April 15th, except emergency vehicles,on any City street.

Pleasecontact the Police Department with questions or issues at 763-200-4267. 


Everyowner or occupant of each residence within the City of Becker is heldaccountable for clearing the full width ofthe sidewalk of snow and ice within 48 hours followingthe termination of any snow event or the formation of ice from any cause.  If a new snow or ice event occurs, before the 48-hourwindow from the last event has expired, a new 48-hour timeframe starts.


On residents designated garbage collection day, TheCity of Becker Public Works Department is asking that you do NOT place yourgarbage cans in the City road ways.  Pleaseensure your garbage cans are placed 2 to 3 feet from the edge of the road.  City plow operators clear the road from curbline to curb line and any obstructions in the roadway slow down the plowingprocess.


Please take note that residents must clear out infront of their mailboxes.  This willassist the post office in ensuring you receive your mail.  Also, the City would appreciate it if youshovel out any fire hydrants that are present on resident’s property.  

Please contact the City of Becker Public WorksDepartment with any questions or concerns at 763-200-4275. 


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Sidewalk/Snowplowing Process Change 

Please be advised that this memo is merely being sent as a courtesy.  The City of Becker Streets Department hasbeen diligently preparing for the 2019-2020 snow plowing season. Part of thispreparation was assessing and then determining the most efficient and effectiveprocess for the clearing of sidewalks to ensure the safety of Becker Residents.

Every owner or occupant of each residence within the City ofBecker is held accountable for clearing the full width of the sidewalk of snow and ice within 48 hours following thetermination of any snow event or the formation of ice from any cause.  If a new snow or ice event occurs, before the48 hour window from the last event has expired, a new 48 hour timeframe starts.

Thank you for your part in ensuring the City sidewalks willbe cleared within this specified time frame to aid in the safety of residentsthroughout the City of Becker.  

Please contact the Public Works Department with anyquestions or concerns surrounding this matter at 763-200-4275.  

Snow Removal Changes to City Trails and Parks

The City of Becker has been evaluating their trail and park system.  The City feels that we need to make a strong effort to keep the trails open to encourage year-round usage of City Parks and Trails by the citizens of Becker.  

With this notion said, the City will be clearing the blacktop trail on 27th Avenue, to provide access to the Sherburne County Historical Center, Oak Savannah Park and ultimately Becker City Park. In addition, the blacktop trail, on Brenda Blvd., from Edgewood Street to Joseph Avenue, and Joseph Avenue to the cul-de-sac on Joseph Avenue will be cleared to provide access to Becker City Park.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact the Public Works Department at 763-200-4275.  

Below is an example of clearing the full width of the sidewalk of snow and ice!Cleared sidewalk

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