Weed/Grass Ordinance

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As of Friday, May 26, 2023

City Staff will be out after the Memorial Day Holiday to conduct the first round of side walk ordiances of the year.  


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 Subd. 1. Purpose.  It is the primary responsibility of any owner or occupant of any lot or parcel of land to maintain the property in such a manner so as not to constitute or create a public nuisance or degrade the value of the neighborhood.  

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Subd.3.  Lawn Maintenance.  All disturbed or occupied areas, which are not covered by buildings, storage, landscape beds or other physical improvements, shall be covered by maintainable turf grasses.  

Subd. 6.  Turf grass maintenance. 

  1. All property within the City of Becker shall have turfgrass maintained through regularly cutting to prevent grass vegetation from exceeding 6 inches. 
  2. On vacant property where mowing of grass is physically difficult because of topography or other physical constraints the height requirement as in paragraph (1) shall only apply to a six (6) foot strip of land abutting roadways or developed properties.  

Subd. 9. Removal by city and cost recovery. 


           A.  Notification Procedure.  The owners of record failing to maintain weeds or turf grasses as required in this section shall be given notice in writing, to have such violations corrected within ten (10) calendar days of the date such notice is mailed.  Lack of receiving a notice, inability of the Post Office to deliver such notice, to the address of record, or the owner is unaware of the requirement to keep turf grasses mowed shall not constitute a defense for to the maintenance requirement.  The notice must also advise the owner that if the owner fails to comply the City will cause the violation to be corrected and the cost of removal will be assessed against the property.  

          B.  Removal and cost recovery.  If the owner fails to comply with the ten (10) day notice the City Administrator or designated official shall cause the weeds or turf to be cut.  They shall keep a record showing the cost of such work attributable to each property and shall deliver this to the city treasurer to be assessed against the property.  Assessable costs shall include administration costs associated with the assessment process.  

         B.  Assessment.  The process of cost recovery and assessment is established under section 7.08, Subd. 5 of the Code.