Right-Of-Way Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Within The City of Becker Right-of-Way

City of Becker Street’s Department Staff drive City Streets and Roadways to take an inventory of what tree’s have overhang within the right-of-way.  This process is executed usually every other year.  Once it is determined which tree’s are obstructing the City ROW, Street’s Department Staff generate a notice that will be sent out to the homeowner.

The homeowner has 10 days to comply to the notice and trim the trees so that they are 6 feet from the ground.  Should the homeowner not abide by the confines of the notice, the street’s department will go out and trim the tree for a fee.   

Right-of-Way Tree Trimming Fees

First 1/2 hour -minimum charge:  $125.00
Each 15 minute interval after first 1/2 hour:  $52.50

It is noteworthy to mention that due to the health of the tree, this process of trimming and so forth is usually executed in the fall of the year.  The MN DNR also follows this recommendation as well.  

If you feel that there is an immediate problem, please feel free to call the Street’s Department at 763-200-4275.

                           Below is an example of acceptable tree overhang
Acceptable Tree Overhang

Not Acceptable Tree overhang in ROW

                               Above is an example of unacceptable tree overhang