Your Toilet is NOT a trashcan...

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Your toilet is NOT a trashcan….

Your toilet is not a trash can and treating it like one can lead to clogged sewers, equipment failures and additional man hours used to upkeep the collections system and wastewater treatment facility. 

For example, when flushed, the items listed below may get caught on a bend or bump inside a pipe. This can be the start of a buildup that could lead to a sewer backup in your home, neighborhood or place of work.  

Please view the following list of items that should not be flushed down a toilet: 

v Wipes of any kind including” flushable” wipes, facial tissues, baby wipes

v Fat, oils, and grease

v Medications, supplements and/or vitamins 

v Feminine hygiene products

v Condoms and wrappers

v Diapers

v Bandages and wrappers

v Cotton balls and swabs

v Dental floss

v Cat Litter 

v Coffee grounds 

v Cigarette butts

v Paint

v Hypodermicneedles

v Chemicalsand solvents

v Disposablemop and duster heads

v Fruitstickers 

If you need to dispose ofsupplements or medications, please bring them to the City of Becker PoliceDepartment. See the following link for additional details!


Unwanted chemicals suchas cleaners, solutions and disinfectants can hinder marine animals and shouldnot be disposed off by means of the drain or toilet.  The best method of disposal is a householdhazardous waste site. 

See the County’s Websitefor further information: 

Toilet Is Not a Trash Can