Can I have a recreational fire in the City?
Yes, you can have a recreational fire on property located in the City of Becker provided the following criteria are met:
- The fire is enclosed in a non-combustible and non-smoke or odor producing fire ring.
- The fire ring measures no more than 3 feet in diameter from the inside of the fire ring border.
- The fire ring is located more than 20 feet away from any structure including houses, sheds, and fences.
- You should notify the fire and police departments of your intent to have a recreational fire.
- Only clean, dry wood may be burned.
- An adult must be tending the fire at all times.
- You must respect your neighbors, weather conditions, burning bans, and air quality conditions so as not to pose a nuisance, health or safety hazard.
- You must completely extinguish the fire before leaving the fire ring.

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1. Can I have a recreational fire in the City?