How do I obtain data, a police report, or a traffic accident report?

Submit a Data Request Form (or contact the Police Department for this form) to the Becker Police Department in person, by email, fax or mail. Describe the data you are requesting as specifically as possible, supply pertinent information such as date, time, address, and/or case number. The Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13) regulates the release of government and law enforcement data. Government data is classified as either Public, Private or Confidential. There may be some information in a report that is public and other information that is classified as private or confidential. Private data can be accessed only by the person who is the subject of the data, you may be required to show a valid state ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID, or passport as proof of identity. Traffic accident reports are private and only available to those involved in the accident or who have sustained a loss as a result of the accident. Requests by those representing or insuring individuals involved or who sustained a loss must be in writing and contain the accident information and name of the person they are representing or insuring. Confidential data can only be accessed by persons specifically authorized. There may be charges for copies, materials onto which we copy data, mailing costs, charges for creating summary data, etc. which will be communicated by the Police Department.

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1. How do I obtain data, a police report, or a traffic accident report?
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